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DealBuilder is a Norwegian-developed software platform designed to streamline the way companies create, send out and get offers and agreements signed with their customers.

There are many ways to produce agreements, and many can certainly recognize themselves in setting up agreements in Word or Excel, saving as PDF, and then sending the agreement by e-mail to the customer for signature. These are time-consuming manual processes. Others may have gone a little further and upload their PDF in an e-signature tool, which makes it easier for the customer to sign the agreement.

At DealBuilder, we believe that the processes mentioned above are not good enough, and that companies can be far more efficient than that.

Do as many large and small companies have done before you. Explore the power of the DealBuilder platform to help your business sell more, faster than before, with increased control and happier employees.


What problem are we solving?

The vast majority today design agreements and offers based on one or more word templates, which must be saved as a PDF and sent to the customer for signature. If the customer wants changes, the entire process must be done again.

Others agree with the customers on what to buy by mail, an unstructured form of agreement that is difficult to follow up and easy to misunderstand.

In addition, companies spend a lot of time collecting signatures on their agreements, and the company can lose sales if the customer cannot sign digitally when they are ready.

These are manual and time-consuming processes with a high risk of errors and omissions in the agreements, it is tiring for those who design the agreements and offers, and it is unclear and cumbersome for the customers.

We solve all of this in DealBuilder, so that the employees can create agreements and offers in a simple way, get them signed electronically, and move data from the contracts automatically between the company’s systems.

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In DealBuilder, we create e-contracts, which differ from the other providers on the market, which sign PDFs. Although the PDF format is well known, a “regular PDF” is not optimal for use in sales and contract contexts. PDFs are static documents, and the content of PDFs cannot be used further in the same way as in an e-contract.

We can illustrate this with a simple example:
When a contract built in DealBuilder is signed, other systems such as CRM, project management tools, sales boards or the financial system can be automatically updated with data fields from the signed e-contract. This cannot be done when you sign a normal PDF that is, for example, designed in Word, Excel or Google Spreadsheet, where you have to manually update all other systems after signing.

DealBuilder therefore improves your entire deal process, not just the signing step.


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