Agreements and e-signatures for marketing agencies

Do More as a Marketer With DealBuilder

Spend more time executing deals, not building and finalizing them.


Hear what some of our customers in the media industry are saying:

This is how it works:

Start by setting up the offer and agreement templates you already have in DealBuilder.

1: Create offers and contracts in seconds based on your templates

2: Send out agreements and offers by email or SMS directly from the system

3: Customers sign the agreements electronically from their mobile or PC.

📁 Digital archive with an overview of the company’s agreement templates, sent out offers and concluded agreements. Both parties automatically receive a signed copy by email when the agreement is signed.

Example of agreement created in DealBuilder:

3 type of deal setups will solve your needs

No matter what type of agreements or offers you have, you can use them in DealBuilder.

Either upload the PDFs you have from before, create text document templates, or use the Products/Services Catalogue feature to easily add a variety of product items to your deal templates in a quick and dynamic way.

Once a deal is generated, it will look somewhat similar to the examples below, ready to be sent out and signed electronically.


Benefits for advisors/salespeople

  • Sellers/advisors love DealBuilder because it’s simple and efficient
  • More time for sales and deliveries, less time spent on administration
  • Create a customized customer agreement in seconds
  • Get the agreement over to the customer quickly when the customer is ready to buy
  • No more need for word/excel, save as PDF, sign, scan, print etc.
  • The seller receives a notification by email when the customer signs the agreement
  • Automatic playback of the seller’s favorite song when the contract is signed gives immediate positive attention and energy within the company

Benefits for customers

  • Receive a link to the agreement directly by email or SMS
  • Easy to get an overview of what they commit to, and to sign the agreements.
  • No more need to print, sign, scan and send back
  • The customer automatically receives a signed copy by email after confirmation
  • The customer experiences a simple and clear agreement process and gets a professional impression of your company

Benefits for the administration

  • The entire organization saves time
  • Increased control over everything sent out to customers
  • Minimizes the risk of errors in agreements
  • Clear overview of what has been sold, at what prices and terms
  • Less risk of arguments with customers, because there are clear assignment confirmations/agreements for everything that is sold
  • All agreements are automatically saved in one place in DealBuilder, so that it is easy to find back to all concluded contracts
  • Many functions for increased control, such as discount management, approval from the sales manager before offers are sent out, locking of fields for sellers such as terms texts, product descriptions, prices, discounts, etc.
  • Create tailored fields in the contracts, such as agreement invoicing conditions, binding periods, notice periods, invoice address, start date for agreements and much more.
  • Integrate DealBuilder with the company’s other systems such as CRM etc.

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