Contract between businesses

Contracts between businesses

Learn more about where you can use DealBuilder to create and sign contracts between companies.

Contracts between businesses

A platform for effective agreements between businesses

Contracts between companies can be made in many different ways and come in many different types, but the agreements that are often the most, and which we at DealBuilder have specialized in, are customer agreements. That is, the agreements that are made when other companies will buy products or services from your company, and where an agreement must be signed for this.

Agreement templates

DealBuilder is built to easily and efficiently set up agreements, dispatch them to signees, then finally get the agreements signed electronically.

In DealBuilder, your company can set up its own agreement templates suited specifically to your company’s products and services. The next time you need to send out a new agreement, all you have to do is pick up a suitable agreement template for what you’re selling and adjust the customer field and what will be bought. Then the agreement is sent directly from DealBuilder to the customer for electronic signing. When the customer has signed, you will be notified by email and can download the signed agreement in PDF.

This differs from how many people create templates in Word or Excel that still need to be adapted for each deal, saved as a PDF, and sent to the customer. The customer then must print out the agreement, sign the paper, scan the agreement again, then send it back by email. This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process that creates the opportunity for many mistakes along the way.

With DealBuilder creating, customizing and sending out a new agreement for signing with DealBuilder normally takes a few dozen seconds—a lightning-fast process that is easy both for the person who creates and dispatches the agreement, and the counterparty who must receive, review and sign the agreement.

Below is an example of an agreement generated in DealBuilder. Further down the page is also a “text-based” agreement.

kontrakt mellom bedrifter

What content must be included in the contracts?

A contract created in DealBuilder is guaranteed to have a neat, clear and easy-to-read format, where space is kept for the things that should normally be included in agreements between companies.

The contracts are structured with the following content:

Information about the seller and the name of the contract

As shown in the example above, space is reserved at the top of the agreement for a logo, information about the seller’s company, and then the name of the contract, in this case “Agreement for your products and services”.

Information about the buyer, when the agreement has been sent and when the deadline for signing expires

This is followed by information about who the buyer is, i.e. the company’s name, organization number and address, as well as the name of the customer’s contact person. Information also follows on when the contract has been sent out to the customer, as well as when the signing deadline expires.

Custom fields

In DealBuilder, you can set up custom fields to highlight elements in your contracts that are particularly important, or that often change from contract to contract.

In our example, separate fields have been entered for “Invoicing interval” and “Start of the agreement”. Here it is clearly stated that the customer must be invoiced annually, and that the start of the agreement is 05/08/2024.

Content of the agreement / descriptions

There is also a section where standard texts for the agreement’s content can be entered. This area can contain as much text as you feel the agreement template needs.

Products, services, quantities and prices

In DealBuilder, we have a separate product and service module, where your company can add in advance the products and services that your company sells, so that these can easily be added to new contracts whenever you need it. Products/services can also be stored as “packages”, if your company often sells a mix of the same products and services from time to time.

Here the products and services can be described with name and description, and when they are added to the agreement, you can enter how many of each product the customer will buy, what each individual product/service will cost and define any discount in either percentage or in NOK.

The products that are added can be defined as “one-off products” or “current” products, which show whether the product is invoiced once, or whether it is to be invoiced continuously, e.g. every month, half-yearly, annually etc.

Under the product section, it is automatically added up how much the customer must pay in “one-off costs” and how much the customer must pay in ongoing costs.

We have also added a customized field at the very bottom, which calculates how much the customer will pay on the first invoice.

All these headings shown in the example above, such as “Establishment cost” and “current cost” can be easily changed in the system, to whatever suits best. for your company.

Text-based agreements without “products”

The product module that is explained in the point above can easily be detached from the agreement templates for those companies that wish to set up agreement templates that are only based on text content, and which are not based on specific product and service elements to be added to the contracts.

An example of a text-based agreement template is published further down the page.

Annex to the contract

In DealBuilder, it is also possible to upload attachments to accompany the contract.

There are many types of attachments that can fit and be added there, but as a rule this is used to upload the terms of the contract, photos from an inspection, further specifications about the solution to be delivered, a product catalog or the like.

Terms of the contract

The bottom part of a DealBuilder contract is reserved for the terms text. In other words, what conditions customers accept when they enter into an agreement with your company. Here, the things that are important for the customers to take with them should be clearly stated, such things as commitment periods, notice periods/periods, invoicing conditions, etc.

In the terms section, your company can load the terms in their entirety, terms can be referenced and added as an attachment, or terms can be referenced and added to a URL on the company’s website. There are many possibilities here and we help to set up the solution that best suits your company.

Tekstbasert avtale mellom bedrifter

Do you want help getting started?

We are happy to help you get started with effective ways to set up deal templates in DealBuilder. If you need input on what should be included in the contracts, we are happy to discuss this with you as well. Just reach out and we’ll get you started! 

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