Customer case: Read how Solid Media improved with DealBuilder

Save several hours a day with Dealbuilder.

“We’ve used DealBuilder for more than five years now, and the difference from when we didn’t have a good system in place until we got started with this has been like night and day,” says Torstein Finberg, general manager of the marketing company Solid Media.

At Solid Media, we help companies with digital marketing, primarily search engine optimization, advertisements within Google’s universe and advertising on social media. We deliver a range of products and services within these main areas. All services naturally have their own prices, they have different product or production costs, different terms and conditions of payment depending on which products are purchased.

In 2016, we realized that our salespeople were spending several hours every single day drafting offers and agreements in Word and Excel—time that could have been used far more productively. For our part, the sale is complete before we send the contract, and therefore the most important thing for us is that we send a neat and clear document which is easy to sign and which ensures that the content and terms are correct.

Easy to add what is important to us

What we think was really nice about DealBuilder compared to a lot of the other stuff out there is that here we could easily enter all the information that is important to us. When all that is entered, DealBuilder actually works for us as the name suggests, it helps us to “build deals” in a very efficient way. This differs from other players we have looked at, which are primarily based on uploading a PDF version of the agreement you have, and then getting it signed. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t solve the problem we had initially, with the need to be able to easily and quickly set up standardized agreements and offers, and then get those agreements signed. With Dealbuilder, this is handled very easily and seamlessly.

We now only take a few minutes to set up a new offer. With the press of a button, I send it out to the customer by e-mail and SMS. After dispatch, I can also see whether the customers have received and opened the offer. If something needs to be changed in the agreement, I easily arrange it in the system and send out a revised agreement to the customer.

Easy signing process

Once the agreement has been reviewed by the customer, they simply sign with just one keystroke. We get rid of all the management we had in the old days where the customer has to wait to sign until they are back at the office, because they have a printer/scanner there. We lost many deals on that before. When the customer is ready, they sign digitally, wherever they are. The layout for what the agreements look like is also very clear and nice, and the feedback from the customers is that they think it is clear what they are signing. Many appointment systems are fancy with images and text of products and the company, but for us we think it is a slightly different part of the sales process. (We see it as first working with sales and presentations, then comes the actual agreement process, where we want it to be tidy and clear for the customers, so that they feel confident in what they are signing.)

More efficient operation

In addition to us being more efficient as a sales organisation, DealBuilder also contributes to more efficient operations for us as a company. When an agreement is signed, the contribution margin and invoicing information are calculated automatically and the person who sent the agreement receives a notification of this by email. In addition, the sale is automatically displayed on our sales board, the seller’s favorite song comes on the speaker, and the seller’s goal achievement for that month is automatically updated. This is very motivating for the seller because he gets everyone’s attention when a new deal is concluded. It is effective!

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