DealBuilder integrated with ITX Contact Center

DealBuilder + ITX CRM/Contact Center

Learn how DealBuilder makes the agreement creation and deal signing process easy and efficient with ITX CRM integration.

How ITX Electronic Signing Works With DealBuilder

What is DealBuilder?

DealBuilder combines agreement creation with easy electronic signing, streamlined to meet the needs of sales organizations and other companies that work actively with sales to customers.

What is ITX?

ITX CRM is a complete solution for calling high amounts of potential customers and increasing company sales. Integrate ITX with DealBuilder and get everything you need for the your company’s sales department. 

The main modules that are included include:

  • Dialer
  • Sales process
  • Customer card
  • Follow-up
  • Registration of feedback
  • Meeting booking with Teams integration
  • Salesscreen
  • ITX Fantasy (Gamification)
How does DealBuilder work with ITX?

Easily create agreements and send them for electronic signature when DealBuilder is integrated with ITX .

  1. In the KPI field for a sales process in ITX, we have set up a green button called “Create contract”. This will send you directly into DealBuilder, where you can choose one of several pre-defined deal templates your company has already set up there.
  2. The agreement template is then opened and filled in with all the necessary information about the customer, automatically obtained from ITX.
  3. The seller then adds which products/services and prices are to be included in the agreement, and sends it to the customer for electronic signature via email or SMS with a keystroke in DealBuilder.

When the agreement is signed electronically by the customer, the contract is automatically sent back to ITX again, so that the seller does not have to update the CRM manually every time a contract is signed.

The process of creating and sending out a contract for signing only takes tens of seconds, so there’s a lot to be gained in terms of agreement structure, better overview, time savings and automation of time-consuming manual tasks.

In addition, DealBuilder offers a clear and easy-to-read agreement format that highlights the most important elements of the agreements, making it easier for customers to familiarize themselves with and sign agreements electronically. The entire agreement process is simple and feels very professional.

Which deal types can be set up in DealBuilder?

DealBuilder has support for three different agreement types to meet the needs of the vast majority of companies.

  1. Agreement templates where the seller can easily add products/services to the agreement from a product menu.
  2. Agreement templates where the seller uploads a PDF agreement they wish to send for signing.
  3. Agreement templates based on a standard text-based content.

Some examples can be seen here:

DealBuilder creates an account for your company and helps with the account setup. ITX posts the integration to your ITX CRM account.

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