The DocuSign alternative DealBuilder is best suited for agreements with customers

DocuSign is a system that is well suited for uploading PDFs and sending them for electronic signature. DealBuilder, on the other hand, is a system that is tailored for companies that work actively with sales to customers. We therefore offer functionality and processes that are perfect for salespeople and companies with sales departments.


What is the difference between DocuSign and DealBuilder?

DealBuilder is developed by and for sellers. DealBuilder’s aim is therefore to be the simplest and most effective solution for all types of sales companies. We have our own solutions for sales to businesses, sales to private individuals, sales via physical meetings, video meetings, over the phone, field sales or in-store.

Because DocuSign is designed to upload PDFs and sign all types of agreements, such as employment contracts or board minutes, they are a more generic solution. DealBuilder specializes in setting up and signing customer agreements and is therefore a more suitable system for sales organizations.

How Docusign Login Works vs DealBuilder

With DealBuilder, you no longer create your agreements in Word or Excel, as you do in DocuSign. DealBuilder has its own customer agreement layouts where you define the following fields yourself when you set up your templates:

  • Name of the contract

  • Logo for your company

  • Separate field for purchase conditions (added as text or as a standard PDF attachment to the agreement)

  • Separate field for contract text (content of the agreement)

You no longer have to worry about sellers not using the latest updated version of their deal documents, or getting hurt by deleting important things in their deals or forgetting other important things when copying and pasting across templates.

With DealBuilder, you always have the latest version of the agreement templates gathered in one place, and those who administer the system can themselves define permissions for users with seller access.

When you set up contracts, you also have these options

  • Product menu: where you can easily add which products/services are to be added per contract.
  • No product menu: agreement templates that consist of plain text.
  • Annexes to contracts can be uploaded as images or PDF. 
  • We also have our own setup for those who just want to upload a PDF and send it for signing.

Streamline your sales work with our agreement builder and e-signature

With DealBuilder, the company collects all agreement templates in one place. Set up, send out and sign agreements with customers electronically quickly and easily. 

Sales organizations and other companies that work actively with sales choose DealBuilder because they find that we solve their needs in a simpler and more efficient way than the alternatives.

Setting up, dispatching and signing of customer agreements

Once you have set up the agreement templates for your company in DealBuilder, these can easily be reused by adding a new customer each time. You then simply adjust the text in the agreement template or add which products should be included.

Sellers can then create error-free contracts in seconds. The agreement is easily sent to the customer for signature via e-mail or SMS. When the customer has signed, both parties receive a signed copy by e-mail in PDF.

The customer can also sign with their finger on the seller’s mobile phone, tablet or PC if you work with contracts in-store, field sales or at fairs.

The Main Difference Between DocuSign & DealBuilder

DocuSign requires you to create the agreement document itself in Word or Excel, then save the file as PDF, upload it in DocuSign and then send it to the customer for signing. 

DealBuilder is a much simpler and more efficient solution that reduces the chance of contract errors. A number of settings can be configured for what the sellers are allowed to do in the agreement templates, such as how much discount they can provide. None of these things are possible to do in DocuSign. 

DocuSign is a very generic solution for signing PDFs compared to DealBuilder. DealBuilder is a tailor-made system for customer contracts, so the differences between the systems are significant.

Text-based agreement template example:

DocuSign Tekstbasert
Docusign avtale

DealBuilder & Integrations vs. DocuSign

All content in a DealBuilder contract is structured as structured data. This means that we can easily send data from the signed contracts to other systems. These can be systems such as CRM, finance, project management or the like.

In this way, other systems can be automatically updated with, for example, which customer has bought which products, at which prices, discount and terms.

In DocuSign you will not be able to do this. DocuSign is based on a PDF that is uploaded, and therefore they do not hold any data associated with the content of the agreement document that can update other systems automatically when the contract is signed.

DealBuilder integrates with a number of systems, such as HubSpot, SalesForce, Slack, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and many more. 

Just get in touch if you have questions about integrations and automation of contract processes for your company.

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