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Does DealBuilder offer free digital signing?

DealBuilder offers free digital signing. We also offer paid options such as signing with BankID, but for the vast majority of companies that need to sign agreements with their customers, either B2B or B2C, our free digital signing solution is more than sufficient.

What is the need for your company?

Before choosing a signing system for your company, it’s important to think about your agreement and electronic signing needs.

DealBuilder is an agreement platform that specializes in customer agreements. This means that we have developed functionality that is perfect for companies that frequently need to sign agreements with new or existing customers. Examples of functionality include:

  • agreement templates
  • automatic reminders of unsigned agreements that have been sent to customers
  • discount and terms management. 

In DealBuilder, you can upload the agreements you already have into our agreement editor. Here we have setups for creating simple agreement templates, with standardized terms and content in the agreements. Furthermore, you can add the products and services your company sells to a product menu, so that you can easily add which products or services are to be sold per contract.

Setting up and sending out a tailored customer agreement for signature in DealBuilder therefore only takes a matter of seconds. The alternative is often an agreement drawn up in Word or Excel, saved as a PDF and then sent to the customer. 

Why do companies choose DealBuilder?

Companies around the world choose DealBuilder because of our focus on customer deals. Feedback confirms we have the simplest and most efficient system on the market for setting up and signing agreements with customers, including free digital signing methods.

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