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10 x more efficient agreement processes

Is your team spending endless hours on creating, sending out, and signing agreements? Use Dealbuilder to streamline your process. With DealBuilder, you get a quick and easy agreement process, both for those who will create and send out documents, but not least for the counterparty who will review and sign the documents electronically.

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With our 14-day non-binding trial period, you can test for yourself how effective you can become by creating, sending, tracking and e-signing agreements with DealBuilder. After the trial period, an annual cost applies for the use of the platform, where we have prices and packages that are suitable for both large and small companies.

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This is how it works:

👩‍💻 First time: Set up contract templates that are suitable for your company.

💨 Then: Create new documents, contracts or offers in seconds, based on your templates.
📲 Send out documents and offers to customers by email and SMS directly from the system.
ℹ️ See when the customer opens your proposals or get a notification when it has been signed electronically.
✅ Customers can confirm and sign the documents electronically from their mobile or PC, and both parties automatically receive a signed copy.
📁 Digital archive with an overview of all your signed documents.

Don`t take our word for it, hear what our customers say:

As Norway's largest publisher of magazines, periodicals, comics and digital services for adults, children and young people, we have many different products and services. We use DealBuilder to send out our contracts and collect signatures from all our customers. DealBuilder saves us a lot of time and helps us to be as efficient as possible in our everyday jobs, it also makes it a lot easier for our clients to sign with us.
Christian Dannevig
Sales Director, Egmont Story House
Salesscreen is a software company in strong growth. We use DealBuilder to set up and sign customer agreements for our business in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore and in the USA. We have a large volume of written contracts and DealBuilder means that we save a lot of time handling documents, and makes our operations more efficient. We have integrated Dealbuilder with with our own sales board system, Salesscreen, as well as with our CRM system, Salesforce, making it easy for our team to keep on track.
Marius Ekerholt
Product Manager, Dogu Salesscreen AS
At 657 Oslo, Norway's largest coworking space for the creative industry, we rent out a wide range of office solutions, independent workplaces and premises for a number of events. We tailor our agreements specifically to each member, but we want to do this as seamlessly as possible. After switching from Word and PDF to Dealbuilder, the process has become much more flexible and efficient for us and our customers. We are very happy with the simple and effective solution DealBuilder has proven to be.
Anine Willums Karp
Managing Director, 657 Oslo AS
Solid Media is an established marketing agency that helps small and large companies with their digital marketing. Dealbuilder is an easy way for our customers to get a clear overview of any commitments, and to sign contracts on the device of their choice. Dealbuilder helps us save time and sell more! The process of sending out proposals and getting offers signed has gone from being a "pain" to a quick and easy fix.
Torstein Finberg
General manager, Solid Media AS
Mastertaket AS use DealBuilder to create proposals, offers and collect signatures for our roof rehabilitation services. The system is easy to use for both us and our customers, eliminating any reservations our customers might have, and simplifying our workflow.
Tom Thoresen
General manager, Mastertaket AS
Hero Camper is the market’s roughest outdoor camper, we use DealBuilder to set up, send and collect signatures on all our deals. Creating a new customer proposal with DealBuilder only takes us a few seconds and it is easy for customers to sign the documents digitally. Keeping everything digital makes our business run more efficiently. Before DealBuilder, we used Word to set up all our documents, which was time consuming and cumbersome for both us and our customers. We are very happy with DealBuilder and would recommend it to others.
Jermund Udnæseth
General manager, Hero Camper, Grenseparken AS
🦠 The world has never felt smaller, yet people have never felt further apart. The importance of reducing the risk of spreading the virus, has forced a lot of us to work from home. As businesses are starting to reopen, they are also starting to redefine the future for their office workers. DealBuilder has the tools you need to ensure your sale process runs smoothly when your team and your customers work from home.


50 %

decrease in time from sending tenders to signing

75 %

decrease in time spent on setting up deals and offers

90 %

decrease in risk associated with incorrect information in your agreements and offers.

100 %

digitally. E-signing makes it easier for your customers and easier for you.

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