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Learn how to get more out of your current sales board with DealBuilder below.

Sales board for companies:

Depict Sales on a Board

DealBuilder is a software platform designed to make it easier and more efficient for sales departments to create and sign deals electronically.

But DealBuilder goes a step further and can be used to put the most current sales information onto a sales board. Employees can see that a new sale has come in, or that a contract has been signed, fostering friendly competition and increasing motivation to sell more.

Depict Current Monthly Sales & Pipeline Stats

All DealBuilder users get a dashboard showing contracts signed for the current month, as well as a breakdown of the information: 

  • how much of the signed amounts are “recurring income” and “current income” 

  • how many agreements have been sent for signing this month

  • how much one-off income and current income is in the “pipe”/is outstanding but unsigned.

Below is a simple overview picture with this dashboard:

Salgstavle DealBuilder

Sales board with names of sellers, budgets and concluded contracts

DealBuilder offers several ways to set up a sales board or sales overview.

Becasue DealBuilder can forward data to other systems every time a contract is signed, a sales overview can be created relatively easily in Excel, Google Sheets or the like and automatically update itself every time a contract is signed. 

You can also run this excel sheet on a flat screen in the office so that everyone in the company can keep track of how much has been sold so far this month, how the various sellers are doing in relation to their sales budget and more.

Salgstavle for salgsavdeling

What information can be forwarded to the sales board/sales overview?

DealBuilder can forward data to a sales board / sales overview every time a contract is signed, so that it updates automatically.

The sales overview can therefore be automatically updated with data such as: 

  • Company name
  • Organization number
  • Company address
  • Customer’s name
  • Telephone number
  • Seller’s name
  • which products/services have been sold at which prices, discount, quantity, lock-in period, etc.

Set up an advanced sales board for special needs or a simple overview of all incoming deals. The data can be found in DealBuilder, so you only need to decide how to depict it in Excel. Sales boards/sales overviews are not a product in the DealBuilder platform, but this can be set up even in Excel with data that automatically comes from DealBuilder every time a contract is signed. 

DealBuilder can also send data to a number of other systems every time a contract is signed, such as to a CRM,  or communication channels such as Slack, Teams, Discord, etc.

If you want to read more about the DealBuilder platform itself, you can do so by clicking on the link. An alternative to setting up a sales overview / sales board yourself is to buy it as a service.

Learn More About DealBuilder Sales Boards

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities and how your company can use DealBuilder to create a sales overview or sales board? Feel free to contact us here, and we can tell you a little more. 

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