Sign PDF digitally

Signere PDF digitalt

This is how you can digitally sign a PDF

With DealBuilder you can easily sign your PDFs digitally. Upload PDFs you already have or create agreement templates with our agreement editor that you often send for signing.

When the agreement has been uploaded, you add who will sign and send it out to the parties via email or SMS directly from the system. When the agreement is signed, both parties automatically receive a copy of the signed agreement by e-mail.

What signature methods does DealBuilder offer to digitally sign PDFs?

In DealBuilder, we offer several ways to digitally sign PDFs. The most used method is a click signature, but you can also choose for the user to sign via mouse or touchscreen. For those who want to sign with BankID, we will soon also offer this option.

How much does it cost to digitally sign a PDF?

DealBuilder has several free and paid signature methods available. We recommend that you create a trial account on DealBuilder below, so you can see for yourself what suits your company best.

Try signing the PDF digitally with DealBuilder

Read more about how DealBuilder works below get your free 14-day trial.

Streamline your sales work with our agreement builder and e-signature

Sales organizations and other companies that work actively with sales choose DealBuilder because we solve their needs more simply and efficiently than the alternatives.

With DealBuilder, your company collects all agreement templates in one place. Set up, send out and sign agreements with customers electronically quickly and easily.

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