DealBuilder and PipeDrive integration

PipeDrive + DealBuilder

Learn more about how DealBuilder integrates with PipeDrive to enable your company to easily send data to PipeDrive every time a contract is signed.

How PipeDrive works with DealBuilder:

There are many possibilities for PipeDrive to integrate with DealBuilder, so that your company can work more efficiently with agreements and eSigning.

DealBuilder supports a technology called webhooks, which means that DealBuilder can forward information to PipeDrive every time an agreement is signed.

This can be information from the agreements such as:

  • company name
  • organization number
  • the customer’s telephone number
  • email address
  • regular postal addresses
  • who sent the contract (seller)
  • when the contract was signed
  • which products the customer has bought at what prices and which discounts. 

Regardless of the type of fields you want to add to your contracts, this information can also be stored and pushed via webhooks when the contract is signed, for example, to PipeDrive or other systems.

Set up the integration yourself or use an intermediary such as Zapier, a “no code” tool, which allows you to integrate with PipeDrive in a couple of minutes. We can of course help you with this if you wish.

Below is an image from Zapier, which illustrates the many possibilities for type of integrations between DealBuilder and PipeDrive.

With so many possibilities in PipeDrive, it is possible to cover almost all needs in an integration between DealBuilder and PipeDrive with regard to efficient processes around agreements and eSigning.

Pipedrive elektronisk signering med DealBuilder

Want to learn more?

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DealBuilder also integrates with a number of other systems. You can read more about other integrations here.

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