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DealBuilder makes the offer ready in seconds and gets the deal closed with e-signature.

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DealBuilder simplifies the process of creating, sending, and managing offers and agreements. It’s easy to use and efficient, saving time and automating manual tasks.




reduction in time from dispatch of offer to signing


reduction in time spent on setting up agreements and offers


reduction in risk related to incorrect information in your agreements and offers.


digitally. E-signing makes it easier for your customers and easier for you.

Hear what some of our customers say:

3 types of agreements solve your needs

Agreements and offers are often made in one of three ways, and all three ways can be done in DealBuilder. All options require that you already have the content of the agreement in place.

The examples below show how the agreements can look when they have been generated and are to be sent for signing.

Who is DealBuilder for?

DealBuilder simplifies the process of creating, sending, and signing agreements and offers for businesses of all sizes. It provides a fast and easy way to manage sales documents electronically, giving more control and flexibility. Ideal for sales departments or anyone looking to streamline their sales processes. Learn more about the various use cases here.

This is how it works

Begin by adding your company’s existing offer and agreement templates into the DealBuilder platform.

1. Create offers and contracts in seconds.

2: Send out agreements and offers by email or SMS directly from the system.

3: Customers sign the agreements electronically from their mobile or PC.

📁 DealBuilder provides a digital archive that keeps track of all your company’s agreements, offers, and closed deals. When an agreement is signed, both parties will automatically receive a copy of the signed document via email and the agreement will be stored in DealBuilder.

The magic sauce!

What is unique about DealBuilder is our agreement and offer generator, which allows you to set up new offers and agreements in seconds, based on predefined templates with standardized terms, descriptions of services and content, which you yourself set up in the platform.

This means that you spend seconds every time you have to create new agreements and offers, and it is super easy and professional for customers to review and sign the agreements electronically.

The system prompts customers who have not signed by the deadline automatically, and you ensure that the content of the offers and agreements is 100% correct every single time.

In addition, you get a full overview of all sent offers and signed contracts in the platform, which makes follow-up of contracts and work afterwards a breeze.

The icing on the cake is that all content in a DealBuilder contract is structured data, so that we can update the company’s other systems automatically, with the content from the agreements, every time a contract is signed.

DealBuilder + your systems = true!

🚀 DealBuilder can be integrated with the systems you already use to save even more time by automating and digitizing manual processes. Read more about all the systems we integrate with here.

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What problem are we solving?

The vast majority today design agreements and offers based on one or more Word or Excel templates, which must be saved as a PDF and sent to the customer for signature. If the customer wants changes, the entire process must be done again.

Others agree with the customers on what to buy by email, an unstructured form of agreement that is difficult to follow up and easy to misunderstand.

In addition, companies spend a lot of time collecting signatures on their agreements, and the company can lose sales if the customer cannot sign digitally when they are ready.

These are manual and time-consuming processes with a high risk of errors and omissions in the agreements, it is tiring for those who design the agreements and offers, and it is unclear and cumbersome for the customers.

DealBuilder solves all this, and you can set up, send out and sign agreements and offers with customers electronically in a quick and easy way.

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