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Set up and sign new offers and agreements in seconds.

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DealBuilder simplifies the process of creating, sending, and managing offers and agreements. It’s easy to use and efficient, saving time and automating manual tasks.


Increase efficiency, increase sales


Time reduction from offer dispatch to signing.


Time reduction setting up agreements and offers


Reduction in errors in agreements and offers.

100% Digital

Digital contracts make it easier for your customers and easier for you.

Hear what some of our customers say:

3 type of deal setups will solve your needs

No matter what type of agreements or offers you have, you can use them in DealBuilder.

Either upload the PDFs you have from before, create text document templates, or use the Products/Services Catalogue feature to easily add a variety of product items to your deal templates in a quick and dynamic way.

Once a deal is generated, it will look somewhat similar to the examples below, ready to be sent out and signed electronically.

Who will love DealBuilder?

Anyone who works in sales will love how DealBuilder simplifies the process of creating, sending, and signing agreements and offers for businesses of all sizes. Then manage those documents electronically with control and flexibility.

How it Works

Once you add your company’s existing offer and agreement templates into the DealBuilder platform …

1. Create offers and contracts in seconds

2. Send out agreements and offers by email or SMS directly from the system

3. Customers sign the agreements electronically from their mobile or PC.

When an agreement is signed, both parties will automatically receive a copy of the signed document via email and the agreement will be stored in DealBuilder. 

What Makes Us Unique

DealBuilder sets up new offers and agreements in seconds based on predefined templates with standardized terms, descriptions of services and content you set up beforehand.

When you’re ready to generate a new offer or agreement it only takes seconds, as opposed to starting a long manual process over again from scratch. 

But we don’t stop saving you time there. Your clients can review and sign their agreements electronically, making you look more professional and saving everyone time. 

No more following-up—DealBuilder does it for you automatically when clients don’t sign by the deadline. 

All offer and agreement content is 100% correct, 100% of the time. 

Full overviews of all sent offers and signed contracts in the platform makes follow-up easy, and structured data allows current content from each contract to be used to update the company’s other systems automatically. 

Spend less time on all the tasks related to closing deals, and spend more time delivering on those deals for greater retention and referral generation.

Get More by Integrating DealBuilder

🚀 Take the systems you already know and love and save even more time by automating and digitizing additional time-wasting manual processes. 

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What problem are we solving?

The more time a deal takes to close, the greater the risk that the deal will be lost. Time-consuming manual tasks like signature collection are the main reasons agreements and offers fail to close today. 

  • Confusing agreement discussions: Most offers are based on Word or Excel templates that must be saved as a PDF and sent to the customer to sign. Others occur in an email thread that’s difficult to follow, leading to errors.
  • Problems signing: If the customer can’t sign digitally when they want, they might never close the deal. 
  • Making changes: If customers want to make changes to their agreement, the offer process starts over. 

DealBuilder eliminates each of these issues by streamlining the entire offer process from agreement creation to dispatch to signing electronically quickly and easily.

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