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Maximize Efficiency With DealBuilder + PowerOffice Go

Learn more about DealBuilder’s integration with PowerOffice Go to optimize your agreements, offers, signing and invoice as quickly as possible.

How We Help Optimzie Digital Signing

PowerOffice Go elektronisk signering

How does DealBuilder + PowerOffice Go integration work?

Start by setting up existing company DealBuilder offer and agreement templates.

  1. Create offers and contracts in seconds.

2: Send out agreements and offers by email or SMS directly from the system.

3: Customers sign the agreements electronically from their mobile or PC.

When the agreement is signed it’s automatically transferred to PowerOffice Go as a draft order for invoicing!

The integration creates customers, order drafts and attaches signed agreements as attachments to orders in your PowerOffice Go.

Advantages of DealBuilder

– 50% Time reduction from offer dispatch to signing
– 75% Time reduction setting up agreements and offers agreements and offers
– 90% Reduction in errors in agreements and offers
– 100% Digital contracts to make it easier for your customers and easier for you

Want to learn more about DealBuilder + PowerOffice Go capabilities?

Contact us now to learn more or simply try DealBuilder for free by creating an account further down the page.

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