Slack and DealBuilder

Slack + DealBuilder = true!

DealBuilder can be integrated with many of the most used systems in the market.

DealBuilder can be easily integrated with the communication tool Slack

Do you have questions about what you can do with Slack and DealBuilder? Get in touch, and we will contact you to provide more information about this.

DealBuilder has support for webhooks, so you can easily send information from DealBuilder over to Slack.

You can choose which events you want to listen to with webhooks, as well as which information is sent to Slack when the event is running.

For example, you can set it up so that every time a contract is signed in DealBuilder, Slack should be updated with who the new customer is, who the seller is, what the customer has bought and at what prices.

Below you see a simple example of data that is published to a Slack channel when a contract has been signed.

You can also easily set up that you are notified on Slack every time a customer opens an agreement/offer that you have sent out.


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