DealBuilder and Google Sheets, integration

Google Sheets + DealBuilder

Learn more about how DealBuilder integrates with Google Sheets so that your company can easily send data to Google Sheets every time a contract is signed.

How Google Sheets works with DealBuilder:

In the video above, we show how you can easily and automatically push data from a signed contract in DealBuilder to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Google Sheets automatically updates itself with the data fields from the contract when it is signed.

In the video, we first show a Google Sheet that is set up to receive the various data fields. Next, we display a DealBuilder agreement that is populated with a number of different information fields. And finally, we show how we send out a contract to a counterparty, the counterparty confirms the agreement and the Google Sheet automatically updates itself with all the data fields we wanted in advance. When future contracts are signed, the spreadsheet is simply updated with new rows.

As you can see in the video, almost all information can be transferred to the Google spreadsheet, such as:

  • company name
  • organization number
  • the customer’s telephone number
  • email address
  • regular postal addresses
  • who sent the contract (seller)
  • when the contract was signed
  • which products the customer has bought at what prices and which discounts. 

Separate fields can also be created that can be filled in before the contract is sent to the customer. These can be text fields, number fields, date fields, or choices made in drop-down menus. 

Regardless of the type of fields you want to add to your contracts, this information can also be stored and pushed on via webhooks when the contract is signed, for example. Google Sheets, or to other systems that your company uses.

Want to learn more?

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DealBuilder also integrates with a number of other systems. You can read more about other integrations here.

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